Leonard Cohen I'm Your Man

Bet you are wondering what has Leonard Cohen's new bio "I'm Your Man" has to do with being an everyday tourist!  I am always amazed at how much I learn about the world we share no matter what I read.  In this very readable book, I learned more about Montreal than I have in two visits to the city.  I learned about how it is a city of "outsiders" especially the Jewish community, who feel like outsiders in the English community, which is outside the French community, who feel like outsiders in the Canadian community.  It is amazing the influence the city had on Cohen especially its nightlife, which is compared to New York City especially in the mid 20th century.  The author Sylvie Simmons says Montreal is to Cohen as Dublin was to Joyce. 

I also learned a bit about Greece and the island of Hydra which was a artist community when Cohen first visited.  Simmons paints an utopian sense of place for an artist who wants to be alone to create.  It was Cohen's "happy place."  Everyone needs to find their "happy place."  I am not sure that I have found mine.  Guess the hunt will have to continue.