Thrifting in Edmonton, Red Deer and Airdrie

Had a great day thrifting in Edmonton, Red Deer and Airdrie today.  First stop was the Bible for Mission in Edmonton on 34th Ave.  Could not believe the selection of film and television books - hundreds of them.  Fortunately or unfortunately I am not a collector of this genre so I will left them all for someone else. 

This is just one of the shelves of entertainment books some older some brand new.  Good diversity. 

There were 18 shelves of books like this one.

Being a good flaneur, I also kept my eyes open for other interesting things to see and do on the way to BFM (Bible For Missions).  I noticed in one of the many oil patch services yards a collection of industrial equipment that looked like an amazing public art piece.  I had to go back an explore.   

How cool are these?  Not sure what they are called, some sort of crane.  They look like creatures right out of science fiction movie.   There is both a humanoid and robotic element to them that is fun!  Gotta love found art!  There is also a resemblance in my mind to Jonathan Borosky's Hammering Man (see image at end of blog). 

Next stop was the Value Village on 51st but no real finds there so it was off to Red Deer where the Salvation Army and Value Village are side by side.  The Sally Ann had a 50% off sale on books so I was in my glory. As I was checking the books a volunteer was cleaning up around me. Kinda annoying but I didn't say anything.  

I was happy when I found a signed copy of "Kid Dynamite" the Gerry James Story by Ron Smith and then the Punch Imlach's story "Heaven and Hell in the NHL" and several others for only a dollar.  As I was getting to the end of my book browsing the volunteer handed me a book and said "I think you might like this one."  I was shocked, it was a copy of "Muddy Waters: The Mojo Man" by Sandra B. Tooze with forward by Eric Clapton.  I said "Thanks!" and he replied as if we were best friends "I've been watching you and I thought you might like this."  How did he know that I collect books on blues history?  It was perfect.  He then told be about a new blues bar in town that I should check out and we chatted like best friends for a few minutes.

Muddy Waters: Mojo Man in great condition for $1.50...gotta love thrifting...

We decided to pass up on Value Village as the prices are usually too high for thrifters like us and there was a tornado warning so we thought best to get out of town and head to Airdrie where there is a Goodwill, Sally Ann and Community Thrift all within a few blocks.  

The Airdrie Goodwill is an new concept as it is both a donation centre and retail store. I hit the jackpot for shirts - FILA golf shirt, Descent long sleeve active wear shirt and three brand new casual crew neck shirts - $25!  I am good for the summer.

Sally Ann in Airdrie was jammed with stuff...this time it was records...50 cents....Boz Scags "Middle Man," Aretha's "Who's Zoomin' Who?" David Loggins "Apprentice" Maria Muldaur, Martha and the Muffins " Trance and Dance" Joan Armatrading "Me Myself I" and Joe Jackson "Night and Day." All in great condition.   $4 bucks!


It is a good day of thrifting when I come home with something new to read, listen to and wear.   


Jonathan Borosky's "Hammering Man" sculpture.