Postcards: Canyon Lookout Trail, Zion National Park

Richard White, March 22, 2014

I am not a professional photographer, but I love taking pictures and love looking at them.  I know I should be editing my collection of over 20,000 images, but I love to surf through them as they immediately bring back great memories. 

I also not an experienced hiker. In fact, most of my hiking is done on golf courses looking for my ball that has gone into the woods (this happens far more often than I would like).  However, when you are in Utah, you have to get our and enjoy the great outdoors.  People were shocked when I was in Salt Lake City and I said I wasn't going skiing.  I didn't know the only reason to go to Salt Lake City was to ski. 

Yes, I live in Calgary, next to one of the world's greatest parks - Banff National Park, but I seldom go.  I also have access to thousands of world class hiking trails and every year I threaten to go hiking, but I never do.  Just like I say I am going to bike more but don't.   

What is it about travelling that makes you do things you would never do a home?  People who never go to an art gallery or museum at home don't hesitate to visit them when they are in New York, London or Paris.  As soon as we hit the colourful sculpture-like peaks of Zion National Park, I was keen to jump out of the car and explore.

The first trail we came to was the Canyon Overlook Trail, so I quickly pulled over and off we went.  The trail an easy one - we saw everyone from a young children in flip-flops negotiating the rock steps and the narrow cliff trails to a young mom carrying a young child.

The trail is about a mile and leads you up to a lookout spot where as you might expect you can see the Virgin River canyon.  Along the way, you enter caves see hoodoos as well as colourful rock formations.  

Here are my postcards from my first hike in 2014 and perhaps a new take on flaneuring for the "Everyday Tourist."  These photographs don't need any explanation they speak for themselves. 


Last Word

Sorry I lied. Brenda reminded me I went to two hikes last year, both in Canmore, Alberta. One was a summer hike to Grassi Lake and the other was a winter walk around the pond at the Olympic Nordic Centre. I liked today's hike in Zion National Park so much we have planned two hikes for tomorrow.

However, that will probably be the end of the hiking, as we head to St. George, UT and the golf courses there are open and in mid-season shape.  Bring on the Red Rock Golf Trail!

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