Happy ?? Birthday to a special mom!

The Everyday Tourists headed to Winnipeg for a special birthday for a special Mom.  We thought family and friends might like to share in the fun....here are some highlights! 

Let's get this PARTY started....

It was a casual affair for the men....not so much for the ladies! 

Elsie and the kids study the memory book. Yes, there will be a test next year.

What is a birthday without a cake? 

A birthday party needs a birthday girl! 

The Dakota House Choir belts out a mean rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Special thanks to Alex (front row third from left and Linda (blue sweater) you were both wonderful.

Lots of time to mix and mingle.

 Shaun is taking this test thing WAY too seriously!

Hmmmm! Wonder where I can get some puppy pants! 

Greg shows off his best side!


Best Mom! Best Kids! 

Just one big happy family...

The next generation!

Can that smile get any bigger! It must hurt your cheeks?

Laughter is the best medicine....even the camera man is laughing in this one.

Vanna and Hanna unveil????????

TADA! A patio fun extravaganza!  plants...pot(s)...table..dilly bars...fertilizer..watering can.

Bravo! Bravo! The birthday girl approves! This has been a fun day. 

Top ten things heard at Elsie's ?? Birthday Party:

#10   Don't say the ?? number.

#9    This is fun...we should have all of our Sunday dinners here!

#8    My compliments to the chef. This was WAY better than going to a restaurant.

#7    Best Caesar Salad ever!

#6    Yum.... Lifesavers!

#5    I could live here! 

#4    Wow! That is one big BIRTHDAY CAKE!

#3    Damn...I was going to wear shorts! 

#2    Get that camera out of my face.

#1     Gotta get me some of those puppy pants! 

Eric showing off his puppy pants with his sister Sam!