2015: Everyday Tourist Best Flaneuring Photos

My 2014 Christmas gift to myself was a Sony RX100 camera which, along with two iPhones, were put to good use (some might not agree, particularly my Redwood golfing buddies who were always asking “what are you taking a picture of now?”) last year taking 12,682 photos.

I love surfing through my photos on an almost daily basis. It is like a visual diary of both being both a tourist in other cities and an everyday flaneur in and around Calgary. It is fun reliving and rethinking where you have been.

As 2015 came to a close I started to reflect on the highlights of 2015.  After spending hours reviewing my photos and wondering if I could reduce 2015 to just 10 photos.  (I love top ten lists) I came to the conclusion that was impossible for me. I have never been a good editor. 

I then thought maybe I could do a couple of top ten lists based on certain subjects and activities with some common denominators.  After identifying about 250 favourite images (about 2% of the 2015 portfolio) seven subjects surfaced.

So rather than one large blog with dozen of images, I created seven subject specific blogs that reflect the fun and surprises of being an everyday tourist and flaneur in 2015.  

Black & White Narratives

I was surprised at how many black and white photos I took in 2015 and how many still captured my interest.  There is something about black and white images that elevates the drama of everyday life. While some readers have said the black and white images are depressing and sad, others love the quality of light and sense of the narrative that is revealed in them.

Architecture As Art

My architectural photos rarely isolate a single building into a static documentary image, but rather focus on the interplay of design, styles and built forms.  I am always looking for a different perspective that captures an artistic interpretation of architecture.

Flaneuring Fun

I love wandering the streets wherever I am, looking for urban surprises and usually I am not disappointed.  It could be anything from a dandelion gone to seed illuminated by a setting sun to fun doorway.  I love the thrill of the hunt.


I have always loved the colour and sense of joy that happens at community playgrounds.  This year I bonded with the little guy next-door (he will be 2 years old in January 2016) and explored literally dozens of playgrounds all within a short walk of our house.  As a result I have made a point over the past year to visit as many playgrounds as I can both in Calgary and beyond.

Street People

One of my goals for 2015 was to capture the everyday urban life of the street, plaza, park and pathway, while respecting everyone’s privacy.

Street Art / Public Art Surprises

Expect the unexpected as my street art and public art photos are not just about sculptures and statues, rather how art can be found in strange places like amazing collages created in the reflections of storefront windows.


Over the past year, I have been treated to some some amazingly works of art created by Mother Nature.  For the most part these are not your romantic sunsets and sunrises, but rather dramatic moments that are part of one’s everyday experiences.

Last Word

I hope you will enjoy these compilations as much as I have in putting them together.   As always, comments are welcomed.  Feel free to share with me some of your favourite photos of 2015.

Editor’s Note: I will be posting a new 2015 Best Everyday Tourist Photos blog each Sunday beginning January 3rd.


This is the entrance to the Pixel condominiums in Sunnyside, Calgary. Very cool!

Exquisite Form collage found at the Fremont Sunday Flea Market in Seattle.  Highly recommended if you are in Seattle on a Sunday.

Loved the juxtaposition of the modern spirit figure workart and the old church in Mexico City. The ironic thing was I had seen the artwork in the alley next to the Toy Museum in another part of the city the day before. 

Found this lovely green trail in the playing field in Calgary's Parkdale community.  It was a great summer evening flaneur as we also found the outdoor hockey rink had been converted to a beach volley ball pitch, a new community garden had been created next to the community centre and a local gardener invited us to inspect his backyard garden.  Flavouring doesn't get any better than that. 

Found these Christmas lights in Briar Hill...never did get to see them on at night. 

Found this lovely green beach along the Elbow River in Calgary's Stanley Park community. 

Loved the evening light on the overgrown stairs going up to the front entrance of a home in Calgary's Hounsfield Heights community. 

I am fascinated by the names of mid-century condos in Calgary's inner-city communities.  This might just be the best one, found in Sunalta.  Whycocomah is Scottish and three is a rural community in Nova Scotia with the same name next to the We'koqma'q First Nations community. 

Found some amazing gardens in Port Angeles walking back from their Art Park. 

There was a wonderful tranquility around this spiral of rock on the huge gravel bar at next to the busy Memorial Drive and Crowchild Trail intersection. 

Found this happy fence, when taking Rossi for a walk in the River Park dog park. 

Found this Bow River fisherman in a suit and tie one Sunday afternoon. 

The Elbow River looked like it was on fire on morning when walking Rossi along the ridge at River Park dog park. 

I love finding art in strange places. This is close up of a mural painting on the wall on the second floor of the Interfaith Furniture Store. 

Found these in the field that will soon be Calgary's newest inner-city community - University District.  Looks like someone has already moved in. 

This sunset dandelion just appeared to me as we were walking along the streets of West Hillhurst, Calgary. 

Found this flower sculpture in a garden along one of our summer evening walks.