Montgomery Million Dollar Homes?

Million dollar homes in Montgomery….no way!

For many years, Calgary urbanists have been touting Montgomery as Calgary’s next new upscale inner-city infill community in the northwest.  This would seem logical as Calgary’s luxury infill craze has been moving steadily westwardly along the Bow River escarpment - from Crescent Heights to St. Andrew’s Heights with the next community being Montgomery. 

Yet somehow the transformation hasn’t happened as quickly as some might have thought. All of the ingredients for a vibrant inner-city 21st century community are there – Bow River, Shouldice Park, a Main Street, an old neighbourhood shopping mall anchored by a Safeway, Market Mall and major employment centers (University of Calgary, Foothills Medical Centre, Alberta Children’s Hospital), as well as great access to downtown. Who could ask for anything more?

That is exactly what Astrid and Trevor, a professional couple in their 30s were thinking when they decided to build their dream home on Montalban Drive.  For most Calgarians, their image of Montgomery is based on driving through the tired 16th Ave motel village as you exit and enter the city. However, the upper Montgomery streets on the north side of the highway offer outstanding views. When it comes to Calgary’s “view streets” Montalban Drive is a hidden gem.

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Montalban Drive is hot!

Over four years of living in Montgomery, Astrid and Trevor have fallen in love with the community and location. When they decided to build their custom dream home, after looking at 60 different homes around the city, they decided to stay in Montgomery.  Astrid exclaims, “while some of the homes were amazing, we kept circling back to the fact we loved our neighbourhood so much.”

They were well aware of the Montalban Drive’s view, as it became a popular spot for their walks. “We always thought it would be an amazing place to build our dream home,” smiles Trevor. “Then last summer, we noticed a lot for sale! We didn’t act fast enough and the lot was sold before we could make an offer. Not too long thereafter, another lot went up for sale. This time we acted fast, made an offer, but were outbid. In October, another lot went up for sale and Lady Luck was on our side - within a week we had closed the sale - and we couldn’t be happier with the lot we ended up getting.”

Astrid adds, “We love how Montalban Drive street faces a lovely dog park so we have wide open space right in front of us. We have a direct view of the mountains, which is something we have both wanted for a long time. It’s a quiet street and has a lovely sense of community, which we have already experienced just as lot owners.

Choosing a Custom Home Builder

After an exhaustive research on custom homebuilders, they choose Blumer Homes. They were both impressed with how Steve Blumer structures his layout based on highlighting or maximizing the synergies between light, space and the site. “He understands ‘how’ and more importantly ‘why’ designing around these features is so important to the experience of the home. While he is designing and building a house, it was obvious to us he understands it will be our dream home” says Trevor.

Both emphasize working with a small boutique builder provides incredible customization as you your design evolves from vision to reality.

Like many first time custom homebuyers, Astrid and Trevor sometime had difficulty articulating what they wanted. That’s where Rosanne Fleury, Blumer’s designer proved to be an invaluable resource.

Avoid All Shades Of Grey

Like many Calgarians building infill homes, Astrid and Trevor had no idea what to expect with the City’s approval process. “In short, it has taken much longer than we could have ever anticipated and we would have liked a little more transparency into the process” says Trevor.

“There is a lot of information that is publically available in the form of community guidelines and while these are not bylaws, the City definitely takes them into consideration and so familiarize yourself with the norms of your neighbourhood” advises Astrid. “Do not think that you’ll be the ones to get away with the loophole! The odds are stacked against you. Try and avoid all shades of gray no matter what advice you get,” adds Trevor.

For example, they both really wanted an under drive garage at the front of the house as the slope of the property lends itself well to it. Unfortunately, this was not well received by the community association and subsequently, the City. This resulted in major revisions to the design, which added cost and delayed approval.

Dream Home With A Dream View

Astrid and Trevor’s custom a two-storey modern home with a third floor rooftop deck (aka retreat) offering outstanding views of the Bow River valley and mountains. With its horizontal emphasis and minimalist lines and details, but with warm materials and colors it is what they call “West Coast modern.”

The interior design is oriented towards the front (south) where the views are. This is in contrast to the typical custom home which has the principle living space at the back of the home for both privacy and access to the rear yard. Their formal living room at the back of the home was designed with their grand piano as the centrepiece.

As well, the kitchen in most luxury infills is situated nearer to or at the back, in this home it's centrally placed adjacent to the front family room so even when working in the kitchen, you have a spectacular view through the expansive south-facing windows.

The master bedroom is also situated at the front rather than the back, allowing Astrid and Trevor to awaken to an incredible view. Even the basement guest suite offers an expansive view. 

Last Word

Both Astrid and Trevor agree, “The hardest part was balancing size versus need versus value.  At the end of the day, it’s your project, your money and your time. You have to make lots of tough decisions.”

Note: This blog was commissioned by Source Media for the Fall 2016 edition of Domus Magazine.  

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