Redwood: Abstracting From Nature

I know I should be focused on my golf game at all times during a round, but my mind and eyes love to wander especially on my home course Redwood Meadows Golf & Country Club. 
Abstracting From Nature #1

Now that I carry my iPhone everywhere, it is easy to wander into the natural areas (sometimes I am even rewarded with a ball or two) that line many of the holes to experience mother nature and take a few pictures.

Over the past few years I have been collecting these photos and playing with them bit to create what I think are fascinating abstract images.  I love the diversity of colours and textures and the way they remind me of some of my favourite painters e.g. Jean-Paul Riopelle and Francis Bacon.  There is a richness and intensity that is primal and compelling for me. 

I hope you enjoy these images and find them as engaging and intriguing as I do.  I'd love to hear your comments and know which ones are your favourites.  

P.S. Flaneuring into the bush while golfing is also a good way to fill in the time so you don't get frustrated by slow play. You won't find that golf tip on the Golf Channel or in Golf Digest!


Abstracting From Nature #2
Abstracting From Nature #3
Abstracting From Nature #4
Abstracting From Nature #5
abstracting from nature #9
Abstracting From Nature #10
Abstracting From Nature #6
Abstracting from nature #11
Abstracting from nature #12