2015: Everyday Tourist Best Skyscape photos

Over the past year, I have been treated to some some amazingly works of art created by Mother Nature.  For the most part these are not your romantic sunsets and sunrises, but rather dramatic moments that have been part of my a everyday experiences in 2015.  I hope you find them interesting. 

Stanley Glacier Hike

Fire Sky, my backyard, West Hillhurst, Calgary 

Approaching storm, Altadore, Calgary

Morning Reflection, Elbow River, Calgary

Ripple Clouds, Grand Trunk Park, my front yard, Calgary

Deep Blue Sunset, University District, Calgary

Pink Clouds Over Crowchild Trail, Calgary (my street) 

Spirit Cloud, Redwood Meadows

Wings Over the Bow River, East Village, Calgary

Downtown Heart, Calgary (took this photo for the Hula Girl, only when I got home did I see the heart-shaped cloud)

Exploding Cloud over Grand Trunk Park, Calgary

Morning sky over downtown Calgary, from St. Andrew's Heights 

Chinook Arch, River Park, Calgary 

Burning Morning, Elbow River, Calgary