The Art Of Gardening

For many Canadians, the May long weekend is when you can safely plant your favourite frost-sensitive annuals in pots and the garden.   And like many Canadians, I am always guilty of trying to push this deadline. How can you resist when you see those cheerful pansies smiling at you as you enter and leave almost every store - from Costco to Canadian Tire – starting in early May, even late April.

For the past few weeks, I have been flaneuring my garden photos from last year and also photographing the perennial flowers as they begin to burst into colour in my garden.

It is my rite of spring. 

Fun With Union

I have also been using the Union app on my phone to create vibrant colour collages. You just choose two or more photos and almost instantaneously a new image magically appears.  You can then manipulate the image to fit you personal aesthetics. I can do this for hours, just to see what happens.  Yes, you could say I am addicted to colour. 

As a former visual artist and art gallery curator, I thought it would be fun to organize an exhibition of my new garden artworks and share it with you.

Feel free to have fun with the images - crop them, enlarge them - play with them. 

I have also been experimenting combining flower images with public are a few examples....

I hope you found these artworks as fun to look at as I had in creating them.

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