Window licking in Paris.

Window licking in Paris.

Patio in Salzburg on the river .

Patio in Salzburg on the river.

A flaneur quickie along 4th Street in Calgary.

Stephen Avenue Walk, downtown Calgary during the lunch hour aka power hour.

Stephen Avenue Walk, downtown Calgary during the lunch hour aka power hour.


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Richard, I enjoy the way "Everyday Tourist" combines travel tips for unique places with insightful urban planning and design commentary. Both Leila and I look forward to our Everyday Tourist email every Sunday, we call it the "Sunday White Paper." Charles Olfert, Architect, aobdbt architecture

"I find your “investigative” sleuthing makes me re-think and re-examine my urban environment.  I sometimes find myself in a situation re-examining a streetscape or a public space and wonder how the Everyday Tourist might interpret the situation as compared to how I am seeing it…" R. Wright, ROAN Consulting

"This is a fantastic piece about Lincoln Park (Chicago)! Love your detail and the places you mention are just perfect. You captured the essence of living there - and I can say that because I did for 4 years!"  Laurie McCarville, Regional Public Relations Manager, Chicago

“I'm delighted that you discovered Clement Street!  This is one of the most diverse and authentic streets of the city and I wish more visitors would find it.”  Laurie Armstrong, Director, Media Relations U.S. & Canada, San Francisco Travel

“Just read Richard’s article… couldn’t be more thrilled – it was awesome!  You really seemed to capture Spokane’s charm.” Pam Scott, Director of Corporate Communications, Red Lion Hotels Corporation