An everyday tourist is a wanderer, someone with curiosity, who seeks new experiences, fosters a sense of adventure and has an eye for the road less travelled. He/she takes the time to look, listen and reflect on everyday experiences - wherever and whenever.

What we do.....

We have branded ourselves as "everyday tourists" as that is our approach to life.  We are freelance writers focused on urban living, design, development and travel.   

"Once again, Richard tells us something about our own city we never knew before. What a gem you are? Harry Hiller, urban sociologist at University of Calgary in reference to blog Bow/Crow: There Is Something Happening Here?

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  • Writing and researching everything from newspaper/magazine articles, to content for websites, from position papers to guest blogs
  • Urban Landscape Photographer 
  • Streets/Public Spaces Audits
Everyday Tourist Richard at 4 years old.  

Everyday Tourist Richard at 4 years old.  

Window licking in Seattle 

Dads can jump! Playground in Rome.

Downtown Calgary tourists enjoying the street life