An everyday tourist is a wanderer... someone with curiosity, who seeks new experiences, fosters a sense of adventure and has an eye for the road less travelled. He/she takes the time to look, listen and reflect on everyday experiences - wherever and whenever.

We are freelance writers who love to research and write about all things urban - locally and globally.

What we do.....

We have branded ourselves as "everyday tourists" as that is our approach to life.  We are both freelance writers focused on all aspects of urban living, design, development and travel.  Topics include: condo living, urban playgrounds, public art, parks, plazas, street activities, book reviews, tourist attractions and activities, restaurant and cafe culture.  Fun titles include: "Sleeping Around In San Francisco, Thrifting in Vegas, Window Licking in Paris and Curse of Minimalism.   

"I find your “investigative” sleuthing makes me re-think and re-examine my urban environment.  I sometimes find myself in a situation re-examining a streetscape or a public space and wonder how the Everyday Tourist might interpret the situation as compared to how I am seeing it…" R. Wright ROAN Consulting

McCarville, Regional Public Relations Manager recently emailed "This is a fantastic piece about Lincoln Park (Chicago)! Love your detail and the places you mention are just perfect. You captured the essence of living there - and I can say that because I did for 4 years!"

"Thanks Richard! I love your blogs and the interesting places you find to visit! Many of us would just drive by and not realize what we have missed! Thanks for opening my eyes." Judy Christianson


  • Writing: everything from newspaper/magazine articles to content for brochures, websites, position papers and annual reports
  • Streetscape/Public Spaces Audits
  • Speaking Engagements

Glasgow Streets


Window licking in Albuquerque