An everyday tourist is a flaneur, someone with curiosity, who seeks new experiences and has an eye for the road less travelled. He/she takes the time to look, listen and reflect on everyday experiences.

What is an everyday tourist? 

I try to live my life with the curiosity of a tourist everyday.  I love to flaneur everyday wherever I am. I love to Tweet and write about my adventures.    

"Your write up on 17th Ave SW for CBC Crossroads gives a real' SimCity' style summary in a way that the Average Joe can grasp the nuances of urban planning and get an understanding of why things occur the way they do." Glen Pardoe,  President Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd. 

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  • Urban photographer 
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 Everyday Tourist at 4 years old.  

Everyday Tourist at 4 years old.  

Window licking in Seattle 

Dads can jump! Playground in Rome.

Downtown Calgary tourists enjoying the street life